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The Quality and Excellence That Goes Into Sprucewood Shores Wine

The Quality and Excellence That Goes Into Sprucewood Shores Wine

The creation of excellent wine starts in the vineyard. The French have coined the term "terroir" to define the factors that have an impact on the unique taste of each wine. These factors are the specific compilation of soil conditions, the trellising method used, the amount of precipitation, the proximity to the moderating influence of bodies of water, the intensity of heat units and the length of time for growing and maturing the grapes.

Situated on the same latitude as the Mediterranean, the Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee Island wine region benefits from their proximity to Lake Erie, offering a unique maritime climate in a continental location. Some of the finest vinifera and French Hybrid wine grapes are produced by world class viticulturalists in this unique location which offers ideal soil conditions, longer sun hours and greater heat units than anywhere else in Canada.

This paradise of wine growing in the midst of the largest concentration of fresh water (The Great Lakes) in the world is as far south as Northern California, the Tuscanny Region of Italy, and the great Bordeaux and Burgundy wine regions of France.

Our region saw the earliest establishment of commercial grape to wine production in the country. While there was an ebb during Prohibition and during the influx of the Tobacco Industry, there is no doubt that the industry has roared back into prominence with the creation of the VQA standard.

This term stands for "Vintner's Quality Assurance". It is a regulating body modeled after the French "nom d'appellation" quality system. The VQA designation assures the truth of origin and a standard of quality, for all wines produced in our regions. The VQA officially designates the Lake Erie North Shore as a wine region capable of consistently producing world class wines made from vinifera and French Hybrid grapes grown in a clearly identifiable unique climate and geographical zone.

You can thus be assured that when tasting a wine from this region, you are experiencing the offerings of a dedicated group of growers and wine makers, and the tastes of the sun, air, soil and waters of our special region.